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19-08-2016, 10:44
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Righty, quick technical post. This is mainly to help out a brewing friend, but hopefully some other people might find it helpful.

We have had a nice bottling line for over 3 years now, It works well and we're really pleased with it. Prior to that we hand bottled. To be honest it's really hard work and tedious. However it is a way forward for breweries wanting to have control of thier own product, rather than contract bottling.

We started by applying labels by hand. That really is tedious. Later we borrowed a hand driven machine from Stringers. Nice people, who seemed very happy to continue to let us use their's. However, we got a little fed up of not having the machine right there and handy, so we bought our own, exact same machine.

It is supplied by Vigo (http://www.vigoltd.com/Catalogue/Labelling-bottles/VL4-Hand-operated-Label-applicator-98578). It's OK, but doesn't have great instructions. So I did a video. It's a bit roughly edited, but, you know, time and that.

Hand Labeling Machine (https://vimeo.com/179434607) from Hardknott Brewery (https://vimeo.com/user7860979) on Vimeo (https://vimeo.com/).

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