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17-07-2016, 07:57
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(Before I start I apologise for the break in normal service but gremlins from Windows 10 have blighted my blogging. I hope the matter is now rectified - but I am not optimistic !)

This choice is slightly unusual in that it is not a cask beer, but rather a keg beer that I discovered accidentally. It is more usually found in bottles but on draught it was too good to miss.

St Barnardus are a trappist brewery from the Westphalia region of Belgium. 'ABT 12' is their flagship beer, and it is easy to see why. It is an Abbeye style Quadrupel, and absolutely rammed with flavour from the head throughout the whole beer. It does come at 10% abv however.

The head is creamy coloured and the beer dark, almost deep maroon, and the taste is complex, maybe the most complex I have ever encountered, which makes it difficult to define. Each taste brings something new out of the glass; bitter but sweet, hoppy but malty, fruity yet tart. It does have a lingering bitter finish.

I came across it in the middle of last week in the Victorian Cafe Bar, in Halifax, but it is available in bottles.

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