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27-06-2016, 07:42
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With all the recent political hiatus, you may have lost sight that the Wimbledon Tennis tournament starts today. Frankly I can take or leave tennis, but when I saw a Wimbledon brewery beer on the bar at The Star I thought it would be a little churlish of me to ignore it. I am glad I didn't.

Firstly it was a new brewery for me, which I had not realised at the time, and secondly it was a pretty good beer.

The brewery has been brewery in its present form for just about 12 months, but it traces its history back in to the 1830's. It brews a variety of beers, their website showing 5 of them but the one I was sampling was 'SW19' - their summer seasonal.

As one would expect, it is a pale beer, at 4%. It is brewed using a combination of English, Australian, and New Zealand hops and is subtly balanced. None of the hops predominates but rather they compliment each other to provide a straw coloured, well balanced offering, with a clean finish. A perfect antidote to the tennis !!

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