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18-06-2016, 08:42
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It is hard to believe that The Grove first reopened its doors 10 years ago this month. The transformation from a back street beer house, which was, frankly, a little jaded, to one of the Town's (nay even the north's) premier beer house is nothing short of phenominal.

We may have been somewhat sceptical about some of Ian's ideas. The decor was quirky in the extreme, and some of the items on the walls led to plenty of discussion. The snack range was equally unusual, and the seating haphazard, but that seemed to add to the fascination of the pub.

It currently provides 19 cask beers lines, 10 of those are regularly changing guest lines, and 5 of the others are changing beers from selected breweries. There are likewise 13 keg lines, 2 are lagers (but less mainstream lagers), and 8 of those are constantly changing from both English and foreign breweries. It gives us punters a constant stream of interesting beers to try. There is also a comprehensive bottle menu, and a massive selection of spirits.

It soon developed into a must visit venue, and with it being situated just on the Western side of Huddersfield ring road, is within easy walking distance of the bus station, but just far enough to keep the idiots away. I have been visiting since the early days and always felt welcome there, and it has built up its group of regulars as any good pub has.

In the early days many of the days were sourced personally by Ian, and it was not unknown for him to travel off in his van on a trip to Cumbria, or the South Coast, in search of goodies for us to sample. I believe he still does make trips off but less frequently - not that the beer range has suffered. There were plans initially for a one site brewery but that was shelved, however the pub has produced some brewers. Probably Brian at Northern Monk being the most successful commercially.

This month, to celebrate their decade, there are events every weekend, some music based, some food orientated, and plenty of interesting beers to sample. There is even the first beer I have ever seen from Serbia in bottles and on keg, and cheap at that.

So thank you to all at the Grove (Ian and Taya especially) and all the staff through the years for always making it a venue to visit, and enjoy. Roll on the next 10 years.

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