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13-06-2016, 14:41
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Some weeks the pub is your second home, other weeks you may only visit once. **You can have many such homes, but most people have a handful at most they can themselves a regular at. *I am one of those people, I class myself as regular at three pubs. *You can probably guess which those pubs are by the mentions they get in this column. *But like many people my time is limited, I’d like to get round to more of our fine pubs in the Calderdale area, however work, family life, and more recently napping in my case get in the way. *I’ll be caught in “Snoozers in Boozers” before my time is up I’m sure.
I try to make the effort to visit new venues that have opened or in many cases in the Upper Calder Valley re-open after the floods. *Still on my list I have still to visit The Grayson Unity, a number of pubs in Ripponden, not to mention a list of longer established venues like Dirty Dicks and the Commercial, Brighouse which are long overdue another visit. **A lot of the time I have my family with me, so it restricts the pubs we can go into, either from the pubs child policy or suitability of venue. **
Last week I got one visit to the pub, a flying one hour rest at the Market Tavern on the way home from work one night where I enjoyed three rather nice halves of ale. *Saturday night saw the 30th birthday party of Jason Fieldhouse, lately of the Commercial / Railway in Brighouse, The party being held at the LBO rehearsal rooms where a small bar was set up in a back room. *A nice chilled out party with plenty of jamming and good pints of Abbeydale Absolution with a bunch of great people from 5-75. *A night where I would have otherwise been at the pub with my wife, life making plans otherwise.
That is the thing about life, it takes you where it wants to, it’s like being on a train, you may have purchased a ticket to Halifax, but it’s the guy controlling the signals who is really deciding where you are going end up. *I know this better than most. **With most people lack to visit to a certain pub is not noticed, but in the case of this column it sometimes is by some. **In respect to this Calderdale is a victim of it’s own success with the number of good pubs, despite the weather gods attempts to wipe them out every few years. *
http://www.seanliquorish.co.uk/blog/wp-content/uploads/2016/06/the-stubbing-wharf-300x199.jpg (http://www.seanliquorish.co.uk/blog/wp-content/uploads/2016/06/the-stubbing-wharf.jpg)Sadly a number of pubs still are not open post the December floods, another great example of how fate works. *However the Stubbing Wharf has re-opened in the past couple of weeks, adding another pub I have to catch up with (oh the first world problems). *It looks like they are back serving the range of real cider they were previously famous for, along with a range of six real ales from a range of breweries local, mainstream and further afield. *The pub menu is back with a mix of classic pub dishes and fancier fayre. **Obviously the inside and outside needed totally stripping back to a blank slate and it looks good inside from the photos with a decent outside space to boot. *
I was a fan of the old Stubbing Wharf and look forward to visiting again soon and a bonus is that Hebden Bridge will have a proper pub crawl again soon, defined as at least four pubs worth visiting by my definition. *From the Stubbing Wharf to the Fox and Goose, one of the best pubs in Calderdale for locally produced beer from the lesser known brewers and the best bar based cheese board around, onwards to the Old Gate for a great range of cask and keg beers, numbering at least 8 of each, along with more nice food. *Finally, hopefully soon onto *Calans when they reopen in their full time premises. *It’ll be good to see Alan and Alyson back in action behind a bar or decorating table, frankly I don’t care as long as there is beer behind it and a till.
Hopefully I can bring the news of this to you soon, until next week happy supping.

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