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30-05-2016, 21:06
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This weekend saw a departure from Calderdale to the east coast of Yorkshire with a trip to Scarborough. ***A day out out in Whitby Bay and Robin Hoods Bay was sandwiched with time split between the north and south shore of the resort, finishing with drive back across some of the best driving roads between the coast and the M62 at Goole, finding a hidden gem of a pub half way literally in the middle of nowhere.
Whitby Bay is one of my favourite resorts on that coast, the right mix of pubs, scenic views, good shops, good fish and plenty of things to do. *Robin Hoods Bay was a place I’d never visited before, been recommended and it seemed rude not to pop into on the way back to my base resort. **The break didn’t really bring any beer gems or classic pubs, but it was never likely to. *My mouth, as a side effect of one of my drugs I am taking, was more sensitive than a Daily Mail reader who’s house price had dropped because of the BBC showing a program about illegal immigrants. *
Relatively bland beers alongside rum and cokes were the order of the day. *I have slagged off chilled Guinness in the past, but super cooled blandness was a blessing at times. **Don’t ask me why rum and coke, which some would say is sharper than a lot of regular ales suits me currently. ***We finished both nights over the bank holiday at Blue Crush (http://www.bluecrushbar.com/) in Scarborough, located where the main road joins the coastal road in the North Bay, a nice chilled place during the day or night. *A couple of decent local session ales mounted in cooling bags sit above the bar, the one I tasted being in perfectly acceptable condition, there being far worse places to have a beer around this end of the resort. *Otherwise the only other beer I had in town was with dinner at the Golden Grid (http://www.goldengrid.co.uk/) and that was a bottle of Golden Pippin which to be honest was acceptable, maybe a place to have wine with dinner, although the Fish Chowder I had was very nice.
The Sunday saw the aforementioned trip north. *Firstly I can recommend the A171 between Scarborough and Whitby Bay if you’ve got a powerful car or simply want a casual drive. *Having recently took delivery of such a toy, wide open roads, tight curves, and stunning scenery make the trip worth it for this alone. *We parked the near the abbey and walked down the 199 steps into the resort. *After some shopping we stopped for a beer at the Jolly Sailors Inn, a Samuel Smiths establishment on the harbour front, the breweries beers usually being fairly solid without standing out, my best bitter wetting the lips nicely. *Followed by a boat trip, I *had some rather nice haddock fishcakes from the Magpie Cafes harbour front stall and an explore of the western headland, we popped into Resolution Hotel (http://www.resolution-whitby.com/) bar at the back of town, again a nice relaxed venue with a lovely looking roast dinner. *A couple of mainstream real ales were on the bar, although it was time for a coke here due to driving duties. *
We then headed back to past the Abbey and drove the 7 miles to Robin Hoods Bay. *The walk down to the beach see’s a beautifully conserved town with the vast majority of the original buildings still present. *We had a beer at the Bay Hotel (http://www.bayhotel.info/), famous for being the end of the Coast to Coast walk from St Bees, Cumbria. *A Theakstons pub, the Wainwright slipped down nicely and was all you expected of the beer, although the wind coming in from the North Sea conspired to chill it to lager temperature whilst we watched the kids trying to catch crabs in the rock pools. *It is a resort I should go and spend a night and couple of days exploring as there were a few nice looking pubs on the way back up the hill.
We stopped for dinner at the Three Jolly Sailors (http://www.threejollysailors.com/) on the Coastal Road junction north of Scarborough, *the half of Black Sheep went well with the massive bowl of Mussels in Garlic Butter sauce I had. **Well worth stopping off for the food, but probably not worth adding to a real ale trail, the pub like most pubs I’ve mentioned are a good place to stop at and chill out whilst away on your break. *
On the way back home I “accidentally” took a few roads which are a drivers dream, wide open, lots of visibility and one which was a couple of miles of blind humps. ***Looking for a break halfway we stopped off at the Gait Inn, Millington (http://www.gait-inn-millington.co.uk/), near Pocklington. *A lovely pub, great decor inside, 3 non mainstream real ales (at the time from Titanic, Wold Top and Haworth Steam) *Great customer service, whilst sitting in the centre of a really pretty village. *My Wold Top was in top form and a lovely pint. *What more can you want from a pub, one I’d seek out again when in the area.
So all in all a great break even if wasn’t for beer reasons, that sometimes isn’t the be all and end all.

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