View Full Version : Confusion in Bristol

Al 10000
02-05-2016, 12:54
I went in two bars on the Gloucester road while doing a pub crawl on 2nd April 2016

I went into Zazu's Kitchen but was told the handpump was out of use so was offered a bottle of the same beer,being on a tight schedule i refused and walked out.
Just up from Zazu's Kitchen is another bar called Biblos on the Hill,i went in it and had a drink,and i have just added it to the site.

The confusion started when i took a look at the four photos of Zazus Kitchen,the two taken in 2013 are of Biblos on the Hill and one from 2014 is of the same pub,there is only one photo of Zazus Kitchen,i suggest when Biblos on the Hill is added to the site either move the photos from Zazus Kitchen to Biblos on the Hill or delete as they are are of Zazus Kitchen when it was located in the now Biblos on the Hill premises.