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10-04-2016, 19:11
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Fans of Five Towns Brewery, of which I am one, are in for a treat in Wakefield city centre this week.
The Outwood based brewery is staging a tap takeover at Harry's Bar on Wednesday (April 13).
If you get along to the pub on Smyth Street then you can expect to see eight Five Town's
beers on the bar.
Head brewer Malcom Bastow has kindly given us the low down on the beers.
At the lower end of the Five Town's ABV spectrum we have Mi Usual, 3.7%, HB, 3.9%, Crisis What Crisis, 4.2% Viva Cas Vegas, 4.2% and there will be a cunningly named 4.2% beer to replace the usual Copper Dragon handpull on the bar.
Middle Un, 4.6%, bridges the gap to the dangerously drinkable beers Malcolm has become acclaimed for.
Peculiar Blue, 6%, is named after the Wakefield folk band who will be playing at the tap takeover. Fans of The Star Festival in Huddersfield will recall a rhubarb version of this beer from a few years back.
The final beer is the one that I am looking forward to most, The Secret Life of Aribica at 8%. This coffee themed beer, which features raisins soaked in Cognac, was brewed with beer blogger Beer Manchester in the wake of David Bowie's death. Malcolm has been brewing Bowie themed beer's for years and the man behind the Beers Manchester blog is also an avid van. It's a slight play on words on the final track on 'Heroes'
This beer has been brewed for the third Independent Salford Beer Festival on October 21-22, 2016. But you can get a sneak preview of the beer in Wakefield on Wednesday.
Thursday may be interesting after an 8% beer involving Cognac. I dare say it will involve public transport!
The full story behind The Secret Life of Aribica can be found on the festival's website by clicking here (http://salfordbeerfestival.com/2016/03/independent-salford-beer-festival-2016-brewday-1-five-towns-brewery/)
Thanks to Louise at Harry's Bar for the image at the top of this post. Harry's Bar is a few minutes walk from Wakefield Wesgate Station, close to Unity Hall.

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