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25-03-2016, 18:35
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A long-standing restriction in the Republic of Ireland is that all pubs and off-licences are closed on Good Friday. Surely this is a relic of the country’s Catholic past and, if they can legalise gay marriage, it’s hard to understand why this too can’t be swept aside.
In the past, the national Irish dog show used to be held on Good Friday, and this was one of the rare places where drink could be obtained. Not surprisingly, it attracted some visitors whose interest in matters canine was limited. Apparently one, after having consumed a few jars, tripped over a pooch and exclaimed “Bloody stupid place to bring a dog!”
This article (http://www.irishcentral.com/roots/desperate-for-a-drink-on-dry-good-friday-in-ireland-146406725-237584801.html) suggests that such loopholes have now been eliminated, though.
(A good excuse for a pic of an Irish Setter)

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