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22-03-2016, 14:29
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Just had an idea. Prompted by a question down the pub:

"Have all the brewing records in the London Metropolitan Archives been scanned."

It was well meant, but I couldn't help laughing.

Then realised it wasn't a laughing matter. I've taken a few snapshots, but the vast majority of the pages are unrecorded. There are all sorts of ways they could be damaged or lost. What a waste.

There's a huge resource out there, in a highly flammble, rottable, floodable, wormable form. It needs to be backed up.

No way I can do that by myself.

Here's the idea: a community scanning project. Anyone can take part. Scan brewing records and add them to a freely accessible database.

This is the best bit: get beer as a reward.

That's if brewers are willing to join in. Give beer, save history.

Who's in?

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