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22-03-2016, 06:10
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Got to get this finished. Almost forgot. Off to the US in a few hours.

Part two of an even for me less than inspiring series. I think it's about run its course with this post. Much as I love the 4-D idea, quite a bit of my past was less than scintillating, beer-wise. Pretty much always found something drinkable, except for that year in Teheran. Just an excuse for more nostalgia, really.

https://2.bp.blogspot.com/-v_3bG2ASo34/VuHTO0hrcSI/AAAAAAAAZeY/HIq6ZBoeFjo1odQmtsitTi5Oa5o5ar6sQ/s640/Baerenquell_Berlin_Deutsches_Pilsner.jpg (https://2.bp.blogspot.com/-v_3bG2ASo34/VuHTO0hrcSI/AAAAAAAAZeY/HIq6ZBoeFjo1odQmtsitTi5Oa5o5ar6sQ/s1600/Baerenquell_Berlin_Deutsches_Pilsner.jpg)

3. Nottingham 1978
Nottingham's pubs were mostly in the hands of three local breweries: Home Ales, Shipstone's and Hardy & Hanson. Their pubs were mostly very traditional, almost all sold cask beer and were cheap. Funny that in an area with healthy competition and few outlets for big brewers that the prices were lower than elsewhere. You only really had 6 draught beers to choose from - Bitter and Mild form each of the three. But they all had there own characteristics and were almost universally in good condition.
Beers: Shippos's Mild, Home Mild, Shippo's Bitter.
Best pubs: Queen's Hotel (very handy for the station), Lincolnshire Poacher, Sir John Borlase Warren.
Today: All three breweries are sadly gone, though Star Bitter is a recreation of Shippo's Bitter and the Shipstone's brand has recently been revived.

4. East Berlin 1987
My second Iron Curtain contender. Many hurtful lies have been told about East German beer. Mostly by those who never actually drank any of the stuff. East Berlin pubs, if you could get a seat, were great fun. The beers most generally available - Berliner Pils and Schultheiss Berliner Weisse - were pretty damn good. The latter especially. It's a beer I still dream about. Plus you could often find bottles of Porter in shops. And a couple of places sold Pisner Urquell and Budvar. That's a good enough selection for me.
Beers: Schultheiss Berliner Weisse, Burgerbräu Berliner Pilsner, any Porter
Best pubs: Feierabend Klause,
Today: Pretty much nothing. All the breweries are gone and the pubs have either disappered or change beyond recognition.

That's me done. Got posts well out past the end of my hols. Finally I can sleep.

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