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20-03-2016, 14:10
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Apologies - but this was a last minute idea and I forgot my camera
I have read in the Halifax Pub Paper of a couple of new additions to the local ale scene, and since Mrs Timbo had expected me to do a bit of shopping on Sunday it seemed like a decent excuse to check them out. So off I went, (bearing in mind I was driving so public transport would probably make it more complicated).

My first call was the Hogshead Brew House in Sowerby Bridge. I had heard they had started brewing and it was the furthest pub from home. I was impressed. The pub is on Stanley St (on the right hand side through the centre of the town, there is a car park signed to the left and the pub is across from the car park). There has obviously been a lot a money invested here. A massive seating area greets you as you walk from the door to the bar, and it just gets better. On the bar when I visited were three of their own Hoghead beers. Two light and one dark. The ones I tried were 4% and excellent, '6 to 8 weeks' was a more trad beer, but my preference was the 'White Hog', a light, hoppy beer. Additionally there were several other beers from around the country on the bar. Time constraints and the car meant I had to move on, but have no fear, I will be back.

The next pub, after a bit of shopping, to prove I was not entirely sciving, was the Junction Inn at Ogden Lane in Rastrick. This is open daily, apart from Tuesdays at 1200 noon, and is a pub transformed. I used to live nearby many years ago, and after a couple of visits never returned. This visit has changed my opinion. It has been refurbished, is clean and bright and has six beers on offer, and is a fairly rare outlet in the area for beers from the Marstons stable. The one I tried was one of their specials - in good condition but not my taste. Notwithstanding, another pub to visit on my 'shopping' trips.

My final call was a pub that I had passed for several months and has reopened in the last couple of weeks. The Four Sons (previously the Clough House) on Clough Lane at Fixby-Rastrick had suffered a few setbacks before they finally opened the doors, not the least being that someone nicked the pub roof before Christmas. The wait looks to have been been worth it. Six beers on the bar, O.K they are from the more well know breweries but the Oakham 'Citra' I had was very good . The place itself feels fresh and new. There is plenty of seating and plenty of tables - probably in anticipation of them serving food in May, and it has a handy bus stop (for 549) outside. Opening times are from 1200 noon daily.

So if you are like me, and have a desperate need for Sunday shopping, at least there are some places to deaden the pain. And yes, I did actually get what was on my list !

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