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19-03-2016, 06:29
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This weekend there is a very plethora of beer festivals for us to enjoy. I have already covered the Star Festival, but there are also the CAMRA festival at Leeds and the Nook at Holmfirth festivals to tempt us, but one that really caught my eye was at the Sportsman on St Johns Rd. This festival was Irish themed and it started on St Patricks day appropriately enough ! And not a pint of Guinness in sight.

To replace the ubiquitous black stuff John has sourced a selection of beers, both in bottles and in key keg from breweries rarely seen in England, covering a range of strengths and styles. I managed to sample a few a couple of days ago and was very impressed. To be more specific, there are 12 key kegs (covering five different breweries), 15 bottles (many bottle conditioned), and a couple of ciders and a few whiskeys - all from the Emerald Isle. There are also a small number of cask beers due to appear on the main bar over the weekend.

There is a beer list with comprehensive tasting notes so you can make an informed choice, and the keg beers are available in thirds as well to enable you to sample plenty of them.

So if you have not had your fill of beer festivals, why not give it a try ?

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