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14-03-2016, 17:43
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Did you drink, eat, work at or run a gastropub between 1990-1998? If so, we’d love to hear from you. We’re especially interested in diary entries, letters, articles, emails or other records you might have made at the time — nothing is too scrappy or too minor.
But memories are helpful too.
We’ve got lots of facts, dates and figures: what we want to know is, how did these places feel?
Like journalist Kathryn Flett, a great champion of gastropubs in the 1990s, did you appreciate their un-blokey atmosphere and rustic chic? Did you welcome*the opportunity to enjoy good food without having to dress, mind your table manners and take out a small bank loan?
Or perhaps you’re with Patrick Harveson who, in 1995, wrote an article in the Times*calling for The Campaign for Real Pubs. Did your local became somewhere you*no longer felt you could pop in for a pint? Maybe you saw the very idea of the gastropub as dangerous — a threat to the very idea of what pubs are meant to be.
The Eagle in Clerkenwell, London, generally given credit as*the original gastropub after its 1991 reinvention, is one we’re particularly focusing on*but we’d be happy to hear about any others you think are notable or interesting.
You*can comment below but it’d be much more useful if you could email us via contact@boakandbailey.com.
Main image adapted from*‘Eagle, Clerkenwell, EC1 (https://flic.kr/p/4WFUMR)’ by Ewan Munro (Pubology.co.uk (http://www.pubology.co.uk/pubs/4090.html)) via Flickr under Creative Commons.
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