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18-02-2016, 07:06
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It's Saturday, I've written next week's Let's Brew recipe and now it's time to relax. What better way that writing random rubbish about whichever beer I pick off the floor.

Some bottles I picked up several weeks ago in Nijmegen have been looking at me reproachfully for a while: "Why haven't you drunk me yet, you heartless bastard?" So I've flipped the top off one and slipped it into my Chimay glass.

It seems to be from a genuine brewery. You know, one of those places with lots of shiny pots and a smell of disinfectant. And really located in Nijmegen.

https://1.bp.blogspot.com/-N0q0PP0Kll4/Vr8tEtek9gI/AAAAAAAAZRE/orKFtVi-ovM/s640/Donderwolk_Het_Experiment_Nimweger_Alt_2015.jpg (https://1.bp.blogspot.com/-N0q0PP0Kll4/Vr8tEtek9gI/AAAAAAAAZRE/orKFtVi-ovM/s1600/Donderwolk_Het_Experiment_Nimweger_Alt_2015.jpg)

Donderwolk Het Experiment Nimweger Alt 6.2% ABV (€2.95 for 33cl)
It pours a pale copper colour. A whiff of minty hops in the aroma, but not much else. Bit thin in the gob considering it's over 6% ABV. It does have the firm, persistent bitterness that you get in a good Düsseldorf Alt. Not bad. Not bad at all. I'm quite enjoying this one. Though, at that price, I can't imagine buying it very often. If you think that 33cl of St. Bernardus Abt - let's face it, one of the best beers in the world - costs just €1.90 at Ton Overmars.

Even Dolores thinks it tastes nice. Or she did, unitl she saw the price: "2.95 for a little bottle like that? Phff." As always, she has a point.

https://4.bp.blogspot.com/-qmYzzT4dTxg/Vr8tK8cedFI/AAAAAAAAZRI/T-e5U-5Fknc/s640/Boer_Koekoek_Drie_Tevreden_Boeren_2015.jpg (https://4.bp.blogspot.com/-qmYzzT4dTxg/Vr8tK8cedFI/AAAAAAAAZRI/T-e5U-5Fknc/s1600/Boer_Koekoek_Drie_Tevreden_Boeren_2015.jpg)

Boer Koekoek Drie Tevreden Boeren 8% ABV (€3.20 for 33 cl)
Mucky pale yellow with a rather scummy head. A bit like Little Dave (or Dave the Scab as crueller people called him). I wonder if he's still alive? Nice fresh hop smell. Mmm. That's pretty good. A bit spicy. As no spices are listed in the ingredients, I guess that comes from the yeast. Bit of sweetness hiding unconvindingly under the carpet. The bulge is obvious.

"Quite buttery." is Dolores's comment. In a good way. She likes it a lot, too.

I'm dead impressed with Nijmegen beer. De Hemel and Oersoep - both more than decent breweries - I already knew. I've learned they aren't alone in the city. A new beer destination?

Apologies about the blurry Boer Koekoek label. It seems to have been printed on an ink-jet printer and started running as soon as I got a little water on it.

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