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11-02-2016, 10:30
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We’re trying hard not to be unfairly London-centric with our latest Big Project*but it’s really quite difficult. We’ve got 20th Century London pub guides coming out of our lugholes (see above) and even its commuter zone is quite well covered:
But when it comes to the North, we’re all but stumped. There’s*one bona fide classic (http://boakandbailey.com/2013/03/book-review-the-pub-and-the-people/)…
…but, otherwise, it’s a matter of scrabbling for scraps, like the chapters on working men’s clubs and immigration in Graham Turner’s*The North Country (http://boakandbailey.com/2016/01/pakistanis-in-the-pub-bradford-c-1965/), or the odd chapter in more general books about The Inns of Old England.
All this only goes to highlight one of*the Campaign for Real Ale’s many contributions to beer culture in Britain since the 1970s: truly local guidebooks.
Although even those tend to be sadly light on prose and the oldest and most interesting ones are extremely hard to get hold of.
So, that’s mostly a moan, but if you do happen to know of a Mancunian, Liverpudlian, Leodensian or Geordie equivalent of, say, Alan Reeve-Jones’s 1962 classic*London Pubs then do let us know. Otherwise, we’ll keep nosing around for crumbs.
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