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07-02-2016, 11:45
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https://4.bp.blogspot.com/-li9BTSF_kls/Vrb24Bwtb_I/AAAAAAAACRU/x5KXyZQG7Iw/s320/Swannay%2Bweb.jpg (https://4.bp.blogspot.com/-li9BTSF_kls/Vrb24Bwtb_I/AAAAAAAACRU/x5KXyZQG7Iw/s1600/Swannay%2Bweb.jpg)

Swannay Brewery

Apologies for the short notice but there is an excellent Scottish Beer Festival on this weekend at The Hillsborough Hotel in Sheffield.
I stumbled across it yesterday while on the tram, and I'm glad I did.
First up was a new beer for me: Island Hopping from Swannay (http://www.highlandbrewingcompany.co.uk/)Brewery, of Orkney. A 3.9% session beer made with New Zealand (Nelson Sauvin) and American hops. A lovely beer, which I had to revisit later in the session.
Next was Cromaty Brewery's (http://www.cromartybrewing.com/beer) Kowabunga, a 4.6% pale. The beer's name and the brewery's tasting notes probably tell you all you need to know about the inspiration for it: "Totally bodacious, American hopped pale ale destined for your inner pizza loving ninja turtle. A luscious sweet malt base gives a good body to this beer whilst vigorous late hopping in the kettle from 5 varieties of hops provides a unmistakably juicy flavour and aroma. Kowabunga dudes!"

https://1.bp.blogspot.com/-Qc9XvUdqpmA/Vrce5szNV5I/AAAAAAAACRk/N-tApFmyqRs/s320/ListA.jpg (https://1.bp.blogspot.com/-Qc9XvUdqpmA/Vrce5szNV5I/AAAAAAAACRk/N-tApFmyqRs/s1600/ListA.jpg)

Next was a beer that was recommended to me by the very helpful and friendly bar staff: Tempest Brewery's (http://www.tempestbrewco.com/our-beer) Cascadian. A 3.9% pale sessioner, which was on stillage in the conservatory of the Langsett Road pub. It was a very good recommendation.
I hit rewind next and ended up going back to Island Hopping, so much did I enjoy it.
My last beer was one I think I had at the Navigation's memorable Scottish ales festival a few year's back: Loch Lomond Brewery's (http://www.lochlomondbrewery.com/#!beers-ales/c23qr) Kessog. It's a 5.2% dark ruby beer with more than a hint of chocolate in the finish. A perfect way to end a flying Scottish session.

https://2.bp.blogspot.com/--zzwZBxqfik/VrcfZRkofvI/AAAAAAAACRo/mcGozn1yylU/s320/List%2BB%2Bweb.jpg (https://2.bp.blogspot.com/--zzwZBxqfik/VrcfZRkofvI/AAAAAAAACRo/mcGozn1yylU/s1600/List%2BB%2Bweb.jpg)
The festival is on again today (Sunday) and hopefully some of the beers will still be on during the week. It is well worth a visit.
I've just learnt via the pub's twitter page, @HillsboroHotel1, that all the festival beers are £2 a pint today.
The event is raising money for St Luke's Hospice.
Getting there:
The Hillsborough Hotel is based at Langsett Road and is close to the Primrose View tram stop on the blue and yellow routes. It is also very well served by buses.

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