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06-01-2016, 15:40
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Did you drink in or work at a prefabricated pub in the period immediately after World War II? If so, please comment below or email us at contact@boakandbailey.com! We’re realistic about our chances of hearing from anyone —*you’d have to have been born no later than, say, 1933; be active online; and be sufficiently interested in beer and pubs to come across this blog — but it’s got to be worth a shot.
The pubs we’re talking about were stop-gap measures put up between about 1948 and 1955, most of which were later replaced with more substantial ‘estate pubs’.
Even if you don’t have personal memories of these establishments you might*remember hearing*your mum, dad, uncle or aunt talking about them, and that’d be good to know*about too.
And it goes without saying that sight of any photos, postcards, diary entries or articles would also be very welcome.
Here are some prefabs we know about whose names and locations might help jog memories:

The Aberfeldy Tavern, Poplar, London E14 (1948)
The Golden Horse, Forest Lane, Forest Gate, London E15 (1948)
The Lord Raglan, Walthamstow, London E17 (c.1946)
The Marquis of Lothian, Norwich (1948)
The Pollard Oak, Pollards Hill, London SW16 (1948)
The Sign of the Times, Filton, Bristol (1953)
Names unknown ×6, Birmingham (c.1950)

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