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01-01-2016, 08:24
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Happy 2016 to all our readers.

It is traditional to look back over the past twelve months at this time of year and pick out the highs and the lows. Strangely, for me, 2015 was a rather average year. I did find some good beers, and no doubt had some poor ones but I am unable to recall any by name.

My favourite breweries are still going strong, but sometimes their beers are getting slightly more difficult to find. And talking of breweries - Huddersfield has carried on producing more new ones whilst losing one.

On a personal note I have had to become more local in my beer drinking this year, and trips out of Yorkshire have been few and far between. But the flip side had meant that I have had the chance to become more familiar with the pubs of Halifax and Bradford especially. The latter has gone up miles in my estimation with a very good beer route.

I have not yet managed to sample enough 'beer in the wood' (as championed by the Bloke from Hull) but it is a failure I hope to rectify this year. But I have tried more key keg in the recent past. It seems to have stopped being the elephant in the room for beer drinkers (maybe not all though) and most seem willing to try some. And most are quiet acceptable, albeit a little pricey.

So 2015 has left, 2016 is here. Onwards and upwards. And we will try to keep you informed and entertained throughout.

Cheers. Timbo, Ale Louse, Ale Ambler.

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