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25-12-2015, 13:47
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First proper food course of the day. With the first wine.

http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-RfcYl4ywNDY/Vn0t2d-PIcI/AAAAAAAAY84/23S1pQ_8fNk/s640/Smoked_salmon_and_sherry.jpg (http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-RfcYl4ywNDY/Vn0t2d-PIcI/AAAAAAAAY84/23S1pQ_8fNk/s1600/Smoked_salmon_and_sherry.jpg)

I'm a big sherry fan. Especially because it's so effing cheap. It's ridiculous really how little a decent sherry costs. Even our cheap supermarket job is pretty damn tasty. The smoked slamon we picked up at the Neighbourfood Market (http://barclayperkins.blogspot.nl/2015/12/low-key-day-out.html) last weekend.

It's a cracking pairing, sherry and smoked salmon. If only because everything starts with as "S". That is the way these thyings work, isn't it?

I had some supposedly professionally assembled pairings at the beer hacks dinner earlier this month. Chocolate Porter with the venison was a particularly shite combination. Really shite. Everyone on our table kept it to drink with the dessert. My random lumpings together have never been as crap.

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