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26-04-2010, 21:18
This is my first post here so please do forgive my intrusion.

If I can introduce myself. My name is Chris Williams and I am one of three partners in an online design and marketing company called Essio Marketing Ltd in St Helens, who are launching a new website called www.livesportsbars.tv (http://www.livesportsbars.tv) in the summer of 2010. We have a great offer for the first two bars in every city, and first bar in every town to contact us, a free no obligation trial for 6 months.

The websites function is to provide visitors the location of bars/pubs that are showing specific live sporting events from football, rugby, horse racing, F1 etc. They will be able to search, find a list of results similar to google, and the click on a bar profile. The profiles will have areas that the owners(you) can manage and update. Your sports schedules will be available on this personal page for your new or regular customers to be kept updated. Its going to be amazing.

We released a press release (http://www.essio-marketing.co.uk/essio-news/26/04/2010/free-listings-live-sports-bars-website-launch/) on our own website today and you can see how the design will look here (http://www.livesportsbars.tv/about/take-a-peek/). We’ve only just started promoting the free trial last week so there are hundreds of spots available, and considering it’s for nothing; why not indeed. We've had a great response from alot of the breweries and independent bars we have already spoken to locally but wanted to now open the offer up to the whole of the UK.

There's no catch, it's a straight offer...after the six months if you find it useful it's 9.99 per month or 99.99 per year. There is a 49.99 set up fee which is waivered for any bar/pub taking part in the free offer. I don't want any card details etc etc just a yes by email so I know that a particular town has a bar in it that televises live sports. As we progress I will keep everyone up to date weekly and finally send a password and user name for a personal login so you can update your own personal micro site.

For London I have split into towns ie Wimbledon, Ryanes Park etc so there's plenty of free trials there in London.

I appreciate you taking the time to read this.You can email me on chris.williams@essio-marketing.co.uk if you're interested or if you have any questions.

We are going to work very hard to make this a success and would appreciate your involvement.

Thanks folks and look forward to your replies, and questions, and please pass the word to any bar owners you know.

Kindest Regards

Chris Williams
www.essio-marketing.co.uk (http://www.essio-marketing.co.uk)
www.livesportsbars.tv (http://www.livesportsbars.tv)

27-04-2010, 19:17
Hi Guys & Girls.

Just to update you, can keep an eye on which towns and cities have free listings still available.

If you scroll down to the bottom of the article on our website when you click here (http://www.essio-marketing.co.uk/essio-news/26/04/2010/free-listings-live-sports-bars-website-launch/), you will see a list of the areas that have been taken

I will keep this updated daily.


Find a Sports Bar (http://www.livesportsbars.tv) Televising Live Sport

15-05-2010, 10:09
Hi Again,

we've currently given away 67 free trials but are awaiting decisions on quite a few breweries, and there are a substantial amount of people we haven't been able to speak to which we will next week. Please pass the word on and get managers, and owners involved.

Some key points that have been raised are as follows:

To reduce workloads all the live events will be already updated into each pubs admin section so that they only have to select an event as opposed to inputting it into the system. There is also default settings so if hypothetically the bar just shows Premiership games on Sky, then this can be selected by default for every month, excluding the need to keep addressing the schedules.

Yes, we are working on applications for iPhone, Android, Twitter, and Facebook for this website.

Your own regulars will be able to sign up to your own bar profile, and receive each month an email about the following months schedules so that they are kept up to date with events.

Please pass the word on, it is starting to gain momemtum.