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26-11-2015, 09:28
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Last night saw the first night of the Star Winter Festival. This time it was a little different - there is no marquee (well that is not quite correct, there is a marquee but the beers are all inside the pub). Apart from a bar full of changing festival beers there is another bar with 27 festival beers on at the right hand side of the pub. And payment is all cash with no tokens.

That's the technical bit sorted. What did I find there ? As is my usual approach at festivals day one is new breweries and new beers from Mallinsons and Briggs. This time the local brewery(s) treated us to specials with additions of ginger, in Mallys case, and Winter Spice in one, and Honey in the other in the case of Briggs. They were subtle and not overpowering - but I am not so sure about the spice,

On the new brewery front, one had only been delivered minutes before the festival started so that was still settling (Credence), but of the others I tried I enjoyed Rock The Boat 'Dazzle' and Fat Brewer 'Pale Ale' but was a little unsure of Bradford Brewerys 'Framboise' - too fruity for my taste.

Due to various reasons I did not manage to try many beers but I was informed Hornes 'Triple Goat' was going very well, but my beer of the festival so far was Loch Ness 'Saaziness'. Light and refreshing.

I will be back tonight and hopefully can fill some more of the gaps for you.

It was good to see plenty of people had turned out for the event, and many had made the trip across the Pennines. The pub filled even more around 8pm when Nick was presented with the award for Briggs being beer of the festival at the Huddersfield Beer Festival. Congratulations to him.

So hope to see you all over the weekend, it is well worth the trip. (and if you a wondering about the lack of seating there is space set aside in the marquee for overspill if required)

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