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23-11-2015, 17:07
Hello. I wonder if any of you good people could help me. After many years of domestic duties that have curtailed my travels, my Christmas present will be a day to myself in London. In addition to maybe a lower league football match and art house cinema, I would like to visit some of the more iconic and worthy London pubs, such as the Mitre. I will be coming in and out of Victoria and using a travel card. If midweek I would like to avoid crowds of suits, and if weekend avoid rowdy clubbers. Many thanks in advance for any suggestions.

23-11-2015, 18:31
So when you say 'iconic' and 'worthy' you mean 'aged' and 'historic interior'? As you haven't mentioned what sort of tipple you're after :)

Just so we don't get the usual "my favourite 5 ale pubs in London" listed! "Iconic" is a different kettle of fish...