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17-11-2015, 19:41
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We’re keen to talk to or exchange emails with people who*worked at,*drank in, or were involved in the management, design or administration (brewery side) of the pubs listed below. The time frame we’re interested in is between 1945 and, say, 1980,*so please pass this request on to any industry veterans, or veteran drinkers, you might know.
No recollection is too insignificant — we need*all the material we can get.
It’s best to email us via contact@boakandbailey.com or comment below and we’ll work something out.

The Bull’s Head, Handforth, Cheshire (bullfighting theme)
The Chelsea Drugstore, King’s Road, London (futuristic, boutiques)
The Gallopers, Bradford, West Yorkshire (fairground theme)
The Golden Arrow, Beckenham, Kent (train theme)
The Lord Protector, Huntingdon (Cromwell themed, apparently)
The Malt & Hops, Finchley, London (hops/farming)
The Nag’s Head, James St./Floral St., Covent Garden, London (theatre)
The Printer’s Devil, Fetter Lane, London (printing)
The Sherlock Holmes, Northumberland Street, London (er, Sherlock Holmes)
The Stonehouse, Sheffield, South Yorkshire (Elizabethan street)
The Warrior, Surrey Quays, London (space age disco pub — see below)
The Yorker, Piccadilly, London (cricket)

This won’t be the last request of this sort in the coming months but we’ll try to space them out…
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