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15-11-2015, 18:00
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http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-UVShjEXD5O4/VkjCa6kXUCI/AAAAAAAAETw/E_aOztHCRTM/s200/pub_chairs.jpg (http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-UVShjEXD5O4/VkjCa6kXUCI/AAAAAAAAETw/E_aOztHCRTM/s1600/pub_chairs.jpg)
...but not a place to sit. I think it was on Martin Taylor’s blog (https://retiredmartin.wordpress.com/) that he made a comment that he had gone into a pub and, despite a plethora of seating, couldn’t find anywhere he felt comfortable actually sitting. This very much resonated with me. In the old days, most pubs had extensive bench seating, so effectively you could sit anywhere and it was much the same. My ideal perch has always been with my back to the window and a clear view of the bar, although that hasn’t always been achieved.
But, more recently, this has been undermined, with priority being given to individual tables and loose chairs more typical of a restaurant. So, often there is a confusing mix of high-level posing tables, raised benches, large round tables, seating booths and bijou dining tables for two. I go in and feel that there’s nowhere I really fancy sitting.
A prime example of this is Robinsons’ recent refurbishment of the Bull’s Head in Hale Barns (https://www.robinsonsbrewery.com/about-us/latest-news/the-bulls-head-reopens-with-stunning-new-look). The two south-facing, bay-windowed rooms used to be great places to sit and have a drink, but now all the fixed seating has been ripped out and replaced with vintage-style armchairs and steamer trunks in place of tables. “This is a pub full of theatre and intrigue.” Err, no. The phrase “Get in the Sea!” comes to mind.
Earlier this year I also visited a large local pub that had recently received a thorough refurbishment. A previous line of bench seating had been stripped out, and I found it difficult to choose anywhere amongst the mixture of different, edgy seating that I would feel at home.
As so often, trendy marketing bullshit from people who scarcely use pubs trumps experience and common sense. If you make drinkers feel uncomfortable, they won’t come.

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