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15-11-2015, 11:27
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On the strength of my collegues beer list, I thought I would have a quick trip up to see the Moonrakers Festival at Slaithwaite. I have been previously, and it is one of the local festivals that I enjoy, but it always seems to fall on an inconvenient weekend.

I managed to get a bus that dropped me off just after opening time and after paying my £4 for admission (£2 to get in and £2 for a non refundable glass - a little steep I thought but it is a charity festival after all) and arming myself with some beer tokens I set about the beer list.

There were 32 beers on offer, all on handpumps, and all the same price. I was particularly interested in the brewery called Cathedral in the programme, a new brewery from Huddersfield apparently. I found their 'Tythe House Bitter' a 3.9% light beer which was very pleasant - sharp and soft at the same time, if that is not a contradiction in terms. A chat with a fellow enthusiast (from Liverpool for the day) suggested it had been 'cuckoo' brewed at Golcar and was actually called Lords according to the pump clip. I was a little confused but not enough to stop me having their second beer, 'Interceptor'. which was a very acceptable 5% full bodied light beer.

I next selected the two beers on offer from Three Fiends brewery - another local brewery whose first beer I sampled at the Huddersfield Beer Festival. 'Two Face' was the weaker of the two, plenty of citrus in the taste here, 'Boomer' at 4.3% was more mid brown but again did not skimp on flavour.
Two more HD breweries that are well worth seeking out.

I was running a little short of time now but I managed to sample Riverhead 'Rhubarb and Rosehip' - I do enjoy rhubarb beers and this was amongst the best. Very light, 4% and every mouthful brought subtle flavours of both the major ingredients. Another beer I will be hunting out for another try.

I had to miss the rest of the beers on offer but many were local brews that can be obtained elsewhere but none the worse for that. However, I really enjoyed my hour there, and really appreciated the efforts the local Lions club have made to put on the festival.

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