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09-11-2015, 07:47
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We are all familiar with the seven deadly sins, but may be we would struggle to name them all. However, Abbeydale Brewery have helped us. They have produced a range of beers named after each one.

I encountered my first one on the bar at the Star yesterday,'Greed' - aptly named as it has left me hungry for more.

The range are all 7% and according to the excellent brewery website are ' Belgian Dubbel aged in seven different oak casks...primed with molasses and aged for 4 months in burgundy white oak barriques'. However each 'sin' has a different twist -

Envy - Charred Oak Chips
Greed - Orange and Ginger
Gluttony - Cacao and Vanilla
Lust - Raspberry and Vanilla
Pride - Coffee
Sloth - Vanilla and extra Molasses
Wrath - Coriander seeds
and Unsinned which is original as it were.

There are very few of each barrel about - it was quite a coup for the Star to get one, but now having sampled one I want to go and try the others, which seems quite a task.

'Greed' was excellent. It did taste it's strength, and the ginger certainly came through, especially in the head before developing into the complexity of the beer. There was definitely orange there but lots of other things as well, and you certainly knew you had had one.

So if you want something a little different get down the Star and try it. Or if you find another of the range let me know...please.

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