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01-11-2015, 20:20
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A few days ago I took part in a South Yorkshire beer tradition.
This entails taking a trip to Bradfield to sample the first Belgian Blue of the season.
It generally goes on sale at the end of October and this year anticipation was heightened with a countdown on social media.
I couldn't make the launch last Thursday so I had to wait until Saturday for a trip to the brewery tap, The Nags Head at Loxley.
There were plenty people at the pub, inside and out. The vast majority were on the blue but pretty much the entire Bradfield range was available.
Some of the people enjoying the sun outside were were holding the red berried beer up to the light and admiring the lacing as the 4.9 per cent ale went down.
I always struggle when it comes to describing the taste of beer, but all I can say it was as good as I remember it to be.
If you are in the vicinity then make a trip up the valley and try it for yourselves.
The beer is also available in bottles and in pies. I kid you not, The Steak and Ale Belgian Blue infused pie, served at the Nags Head, also comes with a free pint of Farmers.
I think I shall be calling in again, shortly.

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