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13-10-2015, 05:15
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A flashback to last year's festival

This is just a brief reminder that Wakefield CAMRA's beer festival gets underway at 11am on Thursday (October 15).
The festival,which runs until 11pm on Saturday, has shifted from November back to its old time slot on the ale calendar.
It's at The Space on Waldorf Way, off Denby Dale Road, near the railway viaduct at the back of Sainsbury's Ings Road store. It's roughly equidistant between the city's two railway stations, Kirkgate and Westgate.
Follow this link for the beer list (http://www.wakefieldcamra.org.uk/festival/beers.php) and this one for venue and ticketing (http://www.wakefieldcamra.org.uk/festival/) information.

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