View Full Version : This is getting my Goat!

24-09-2015, 22:21
I see a new pub the Goat Hotel has been added for Penygroes under Caernarfon. I know Penygroes a bit and find it amazing that a small village like this should have two Goats, this (http://www.pubsgalore.co.uk/pubs/75743/) existing one is a Welsh Goat. I know they have different addresses and post codes but I can't help feeling they must be the same. The map points almost overlap. I don't know the place well enough to be 100% certain and of course it doesn't help by there being yet another Goat in Garndolbenmaen (or is it Glandwyfach?) down the road!

Dave M
02-10-2015, 20:50
Well that's what happens when I add pubs in a rush. OOoops