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17-09-2015, 16:01
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http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-sHOjiuMh8-M/Vfpdmpzcm5I/AAAAAAAAGPI/NB2W6ZPlI50/s400/Boddies.jpg (https://4.bp.blogspot.com/-sHOjiuMh8-M/Vfpdmpzcm5I/AAAAAAAAGPI/NB2W6ZPlI50/s1600/Boddies.jpg)I used to collect breweriana. That is bits and pieces associated with breweries. Ephemera if you will. While I do have odds and ends from all over, I tended to concentrate on things that were local to me or had some connection to me.

Most of my readers will know of Boddingtons of Manchester. When it was a great beer, people from all over sought it out, me included. On my visits to the Greater Manchester area long before I lived here, it was a must have pint. I have a few good pieces from Boddies, including both the old and the new signs that once were displayed outside their pubs. They are rather fetching actually.

The showcards above are pretty nice though don't you think? They remind us that in the past, Boddies wasn't just about bitter. Their mild wasn't that brilliant though, being a bit thin and caramelly. I remember - none too clearly - having an afternoon boozing in the in trade cellar when they brewed mild and bitter as well as Oldham Brewery Bitter and Mild, which by then, in my opinion were better brews. Boddies had declined more than somewhat.

Having said that, it is a pity they went the way of all things rather sooner than they should have, but it was entirely their own fault. That's another story, but Charles Boddington, whose son Ewart sold the brewery to Whitbread, must be spinning in his grave.

I'd show you the old Boddies signs too, but blogger just won't let me format them in any reasonable way and it would just look bloody awful

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