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09-09-2015, 08:17
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http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-lEnpGYd5BWQ/Ve6cZaAEEDI/AAAAAAAAYP4/umZ3m_u_VCY/s400/Flowers_Brewmaster_Export_Pale_Ale.jpg (http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-lEnpGYd5BWQ/Ve6cZaAEEDI/AAAAAAAAYP4/umZ3m_u_VCY/s1600/Flowers_Brewmaster_Export_Pale_Ale.jpg)
Yet another Flowers beer. Don’t worry – only another three to go after this one. Though expect a sudden inexplicable switch to 19th-century Scottish beers soon. For which I have a very good reason. Two very good reasons, in fact.

This time I really don’t have any idea what OB stands for. None of the labels I have matches. The best match I can come up with comparing the beer to analyses of Flowers beers in the Whitbread Gravity Book in Brewmaster, a bottled Pale Ale. Could the B in OB be for Brewmaster? Possibly. But I’m not going to get too carried away.

I could probably tell for sure by looking a little further back in Flowers brewing records. Because Brewmaster wasn’t originally a Flowers brand. It came from J.W. Green of Luton, with whom Flowers merged in the spring of 1954. I say merged. Effectively J.W. Green took over Flowers, though oddly the name of the new company was Flowers Breweries, Ltd. I’ll be telling you more about the merger later. But for the moment let’s concentrate on this beer.

It’s another minimalist classic, containing only a handful of ingredients. Though I suspect there was some caramel used for colour correction. You won’t get a beer as dark as the colour specified on the brew sheet with the ingredients listed. Just a cosmetic things, really, so don’t feel obliged to do it. I doubt it has any noticeable effect on the beer’s flavour.

Goldings are a pure guess as the hop variety. Mostly based on the fact that it’s a highish gravity Pale Ale. Good-quality Pale Ales were usually hopped with Goldings.

Nothing left but to hit you with the recipe.

1955 Flowers OB

pale malt
8.75 lb

No. 1 invert
0.50 lb

malt extract
0.25 lb

Goldings 90 min
1.00 oz

Goldings 60 min
1.00 oz

Goldings 30 min
0.75 oz




Apparent attenuation



Mash at
152º F

Sparge at
160º F

Boil time
90 minutes

pitching temp
60º F

WLP007 Dry English Ale

Get ready for some big changes to these posts. I’ll reveal more later this week.

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