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19-04-2010, 07:49
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Iím writing a piece about bottle labelling and I'm interested in a broader consumer perspective on things.

When you walk into a beer shop or down the supermarket aisle, which bottles stand out the most? Do they stand out in a good way?

Of the premium brands (Stella, etc), who has the best looking and most recogniseable labels? Does the Coors thermo-chromic (http://www.packagingnews.co.uk/news/984375/Ball-produces-colour-changing-cans-Coors-Light-beer/) labelling interest you? Do you like Budís aluminium World Cup (http://www.brewersguardian.com/brewing-features/marketing/budweiser_new_bottle_worldcup.html) bottle?

Do you like information on labels such as the hops and malts used?

What are the best labels? From a design perspective, branding and market position. What are your favourite bottles and labels?


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