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02-09-2015, 10:16
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Schneider’s Meine Porter Weisse is, as the name suggests, a cross-breeding of English porter and Bavarian wheat beer*— an idea intriguing enough to convince us to part with £9.99 for 750ml.Our first guess was that this would have something to do with Brooklyn Brewery but, no: publicity materials suggest that Georg Schneider conceived this beer with his friend ‘Alistair’, a brewer in London. Presumably there are legal reasons for the coyness — this is not a formal collaboration — but there’s only one porter-obsessed global craft beer aristocrat who really fits the bill.
From its wheat beer ancestry it gains*high carbonation and opacity, while the porter side gives*it a rich red-black colour. It could look muddy (as dark wheat beers often do) but actually pulls off*velvety richness.
The aroma is dominated by wheat beer characteristics: some pineapple, a little banana, and vanilla. With the first gulp, porter takes over with a burnt-toast and dark chocolate bitterness which works unsurprisingly well with the creamy texture. Ultimately, as the head dies away, the Dark Side comes to dominate, though a hint of tropical fruit persisted to the end.
We were reminded a little of Schneider’s own Aventinus and also of Anchor’s mouth-coating, chewy Porter (http://boakandbailey.com/2014/11/porter-taste-grand-final/), though this isn’t as good as either of those beers. It’s not a clumsy clash as many of these German-US-UK hybrids can be,*but nor is it quite in balance, and our final impression was of wateriness — like drinking mild. That’s unforgivable in a 7% beer.
Though Bailey (who’s soft about mild) liked it more than Boak (who hates pineapple) neither of us would rush to drink it again, and certainly not at this price.
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