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20-08-2015, 16:43
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I have written about this East End Boozer before and I finally got back to another visit a year and half after my last visit. What's the matter with me? I'd forgotten how good it was obviously.

On my day off from the Great British Beer Festival we'd decided to give a new (to me) pub near Liverpool St Station a try. Because of E's work we had to wait until nearly three pm before setting out and inevitably as we left the flat it started to rain. Heavily. With considerable reluctance E agreed to sprint round the corner to the Dog and Truck, a couple of minutes from our front door. She's been there for nearly 17 years and despite having visited almost every boozer for miles around - well I have dragged her to them including many long since closed - she somehow didn't fancy it.

http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-pe8_DWaTBgA/VdXeC0rAxKI/AAAAAAAAGNM/Aq_BZIXvoR0/s320/harvey%2527s.jpg (http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-pe8_DWaTBgA/VdXeC0rAxKI/AAAAAAAAGNM/Aq_BZIXvoR0/s1600/harvey%2527s.jpg)If you read my previous piece (http://tandlemanbeerblog.blogspot.co.uk/2014/02/the-past-revisited.html) (and you'd best really) you'll see I liked it. It hadn't changed a bit since my last visit thankfully and despite its very old fashioned seventies look, it was warm and welcoming. A table of retired gents sat supping beer and exchanging jolly reminiscences, a fairly young lad, obviously taking a Poet's Day view of Friday was idly throwing underweight darts at the dart board and a couple of lads stood at the bar drinking pints of lager. It took me back a fair bit. The beers on offer were Greene King IPA, Black Sheep Bitter and Harvey's Sussex Bitter. I chose the Harvey's and it was excellent. Bright as a button, fully conditioned and served at the correct temperature. Excellent. The barmaid was friendly and when I called back for a second pint I remarked on how good the beer was. She promised to let the landlord know. E, ever suspicious of London cask beer was enjoying her halves of Staropramen.

We sat for a while nattering and the darts player offered me a game. Now I used to play a lot of darts over thirty years ago, so I couldn't resist. The darts were far too light and I was hammered. Twice. That took me back a bit too.
The Dog and Truck is at 72 Back Church Lane, London E1 1LX. It really is worth a visit and it will be on my list when I'm next in London. E said she'll come too!
I've looked ot my old darts. I'll bring them next time too. And the Harvey's was much better than my rotten photo suggests.

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