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18-08-2015, 14:26
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http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-IaYT4dLW3EI/VdMvekT9JgI/AAAAAAAAGM8/xens7dpt4Po/s640/therm.jpg (http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-IaYT4dLW3EI/VdMvekT9JgI/AAAAAAAAGM8/xens7dpt4Po/s1600/therm.jpg)I've been banging on about cask beer quality as long as I have been writing this blog. It is a bit of an obsession of mine as I love great cask beer and feel frustrated enough to scream internally when it is not. The lack of quality in cask beer played a huge part in the rise of keg in the 1960s and keg and smooth beer in the years beyond. It may well have a place in the rise of craft keg, but that's not the theme of this post. Do however feel free to allege it or deny it in commenting.

The real focus of my ire though is temperature, as it is that above all which affects the condition of beer once it is in the cellar. I've been writing about that since Day One, so love the subject or hate it, I'm at least consistent and while I make many criticisms of too warm beer, I am equally keen to praise the good when I find it. So I'll remind you what I said on that fateful first day of blogging on 26 November 2007:

"Too warm a serving temperature and too little condition are the enemy of cask beer. The latter two statements are also beer FACTS as they have been proved to be true scientifically. Warm temperatures cause dissolved C02 to return to atmosphere and too little condition will have the same flattening effect on beer. Don't believe me? Read "Beer and the Science of Brewing by Charles Bamforth. I have a signed and dedicated copy. Another beer fact!"

Now I could have said that a little better, but the main point is that warm beer will always give you lack of condition and explains why, as it warms up even more after serving, the beer, which tasted reasonable at first sip, frankly, dies on its arse as you go along. It is important that the drinker and more importantly, the vendor,understands and bears in mind that a warm beer will not only get warmer, but will much more quickly lose its condition. That my friends is basic physics and why getting the cellar temperature and, importantly, temperature at point of dispense, correct. This is a one way street. There is no way back as temperature rises. Those of you who know me as a cellarman at beer festivals will know that I am equally obsessive there. My reputation is on the line and I don't have a temperature controlled cellar to rely on, which is the reason that many of you will have had to keep your coat on where I'm in charge of the beer. Sorry about that, but hopefully the beer was good.

Now why am I giving this background? Well I have received a bit of outrage from some about the fact that I dare to challenge warm beer and name names. I've covered this subject before, so I urge you to read this piece (http://tandlemanbeerblog.blogspot.co.uk/2011/08/case-for-naming-and-shaming.html) from August 2011. I'll also cover where complaining gets you in my next article.

You might also want to glance through this (https://www.blogger.com/blogger.g?blogID=8629758183547510158#editor/target=post;postID=4200908193369418544) which is a search of my blog for the term warm beer and because reading my old stuff will be good for you!

I'll also be writing about a pub in London with great quality beer which, oddly is within a 5 minute (or less) walk of our London flat.

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