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17-08-2015, 22:05
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This weeks piece is a correction to erroneous articles in Pubpaper 818 and Pubpaper 817. **The purpose of this piece is to present the correct facts regarding the Old Ship Inn in those two articles. *This should not be taken as an endorsement of these premises or the owners / operators, it is merely a statement of facts giving their corrected point of view. *No opinion on the part of myself is to be taken from this piece and should be taken as a statement of fact. *Representations have been made by the operators representatives Heath Kitteringham and David Bradley. Proper procedure would have been to check with the owners before publishing both pieces or either piece, this was not done. *It is this action I regret not doing, which would have avoided this situation.
In the two Pubpaper Articles listed above I stated that all the real ale pumps were to be removed from the pub. *On passing the pub, the marketing outside the pub seemed to indicate this with mainstream beers being pushed and no mention of real ale. *The fact is that real ale is still being served in the pub, but the focus of their marketing has changed to attract more customers, as David quotes in his correspondence “that when a business is failing decisions have to be made.”, something a business owner has to do. *My quote of the Old Ship Inn occupying “good unique niche being a good real ale town centre pub” was regarding the previous business model, something which wasn’t working as stated by David.
Regarding the quote that the low pricing would “attract the less desirables”, this could be the case in other premises and locations, but there is no evidence in the case of the Old Ship Inn. * *I cannot comment on the atmosphere or any aspect of the pub with the current management, as I have not visited since writing these articles three weeks ago and cannot at present for personal reasons. *This will be the case for the immediate future, so I leave opinions of the Old Ship Inn to their customers, management and staff who are free to leave polite comments online against this article.
David quotes regarding the provision and keeping of real ale “that we are doing our additional bit for Real Ale by teaching a young man, supervised by one of the Old Masters, the craft of maintaining the very high standard that we demand from our cellar in an attempt to introduce new talent to the trade hopefully creating a new generation which can not only drink the beer but also look after it properly”. *More information has been requested regarding the typical real ale range and their plans for the future to communicate out here, but at this time none was forthcoming from Heath Kitteringham or David Bradley after requests. **Indications from outside signage would give the impression of being a more music and sport based pub with live entertainment and karaoke accompanying a full sports coverage program. *This venue previously being primarily marketed as a real ale house.
As a consequence of these previous two articles and the corrections from the management of the pub, I have decided that Old Ship Inn, Brighouse will not be mentioned in these columns or any online article ever again by me after this piece even in the context of a Brighouse centric article, avoiding any future misunderstandings totally. **The simple message to give out from this correction is that if you want real ale, then the Old Ship Inn is a valid choice for your drinking pound in Brighouse and that the change of direction is the choice of the owner and management to improve business. *I give no recommendation either negative or positive regarding the reader’s actions or choice of drinking venue in making this statement. **

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