View Full Version : Two pubs to delete in Lincoln

Al 10000
09-08-2015, 16:29
Hi Admins,

I tried to do the Electric bar and diner,

In my opinion it is not a proper bar,you have to go in a lift to the fifth floor and then find a bar devoid on any draught beers or lagers,cocktails only.

Please delete.

Brayford Wharf harvester,a crap dining pub,i asked for a drink at the bar and was approached by a grumpy manager type who stated more that once
that i could not have a drink here,only if i had a meal.

Another wasted visit.

Please delete

Dave M
02-10-2015, 19:18
The trouble is that Electric Bar definitely appears to qualify on the basis you can go there for a drink. I personally wouldn't mind drinking there, they have a couple (massively overpriced) ales and ciders. I'd only stay for one and see if they view of the Lincoln rooftops is worth the premium they are charging. Your review is very helpful though to warn most people not to consider it.

As to the Harvester I'm not going to delete it right now, but going to investigate further next week. I've been trying to contact them to find out which outlets they consider to be just restaurants so that I can remove them all from the site. They are a strange chain, my nearest one is definitely used as a normal pub, second nearest I would guess never used as a pub. Will try to get clarification.