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07-08-2015, 08:27
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There have been a few developments on ‘the scene’ since we wrote our long post updating on Brew Britannia (http://boakandbailey.com/2015/07/the-good-the-bad-the-murky-brew-britannia-one-year-on/)*at the start of July.→ The Kernel Brewery (http://www.thekernelbrewery.com/)*tap room, which gave birth to the*‘Bermondsey Beer Mile’, will no longer be opening on Saturdays from 5 September.*Meanwhile, Manchester has gained its own weekend crawl — ‘The Piccadilly Beer Mile (http://www.timeout.com/manchester/blog/brewers-team-up-to-launch-piccadilly-beer-mile)‘.
→ Matthew Curtis has managed to wheedle a little more information about the United Craft Brewers from its founders (http://www.totalales.co.uk/blog/2015/8/6/the-united-craft-brewers-and-the-future-of-british-craft-beer).
→ Management at Bateman’s of Lincolnshire have*gone beyond complaining about Progressive Beer Duty: they’re planning (or at least threatening) to downsize to get under the threshold,*as Roger Protz reported (http://protzonbeer.co.uk/news/2015/07/21/shock-as-batemans-downsizes-brewing).
→ Harbour Brewing (https://twitter.com/HarbourBrewing/status/625682808598581250) of Cornwall have their canning line up and running; Dark Star (https://twitter.com/Darkstarbrewco/status/614521413282701312) launched canned beers at the beginning of July; and Magic Rock have their canning line almost ready to go (https://twitter.com/MagicRockStu/status/629262868853207041). Meanwhile, John Keeling of Fuller’s had this to say:

Yes cans are better keeping oxygen out ,keeping it out during canning is a bugger Bottle conditioning still best
— John Keeling (@FullersJohn) July 28, 2015 (https://twitter.com/FullersJohn/status/626033874406100992)

→ And, finally, anxiety over consolidation and predation was kept bubbling by*Duvel Moortgat’s merger with (or take over of, or synergising with, or something) US brewery Firestone Walker (http://fortune.com/2015/07/17/duvel-moortgat-firestone-walker-craft-beer-empire-deal/).

* * *Tempting as it is to follow this in seven days’ time with ‘One Year On, One Month On, One Week On’, we’ll resist the urge…
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