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01-08-2015, 08:26
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Here’s our pick of the most interesting, entertaining or eye-opening beer-related reading of the last week.→ Sam at Goblet and Mug, a market research professional by day,*offers some thoughtful observations on contract brewing and related activities (http://www.gobletandmug.com/articles/does-outsourcing-matter):
*is one of the basic reasons that a consumer may, for example, continue to use Fairy Liquid despite its rivals having very similar qualities and ingredients… It is also one of the core reasons that Sharp’s have continued to advertise the way in which Doom Bar is related to the brewery and its ethos, despite the fact that the location of production has now changed, and why the brewery were not open about the change in locale.
→ Yvan Seth continues his dispatches from the front line of beer distribution with a piece identifying three major problems with the handling of keg beer in Britain, and proposing solutions (http://ale.gd/blog/2015/07/summer-of-fob/):
[B]Pubs need to learn more about keg beer. The BII ABCQ is pretty much a waste of time, someone interested in their job & beer quality will already know more. We need a UK-tailored equivalent to Cicerone. Not just that – but pubs need to not*buy 2+ months worth of keg stock at once and then leave it in their 12C cellar.
→*Ilkley Brewery has been sold by its founder to a company run by a former employee, Luke Raven (http://www.yorkshirepost.co.uk/business/business-news/ilkley-brewery-bought-by-leeds-beer-company-1-7379428). There’s remarkably little ambiguity about the announcement which makes a refreshing change, although ‘exciting times (https://twitter.com/Ilkleybrewery/status/625968404546064384)‘ is a phrase that suggests a certain anxiety. Also, this:

Guy: have you heard the news? Ilkley Brewery bought out. Me: it's actually "Baht 'at" … or "bah tat".
— broadfordbrewer (@broadfordbrewer) July 27, 2015 (https://twitter.com/broadfordbrewer/status/625687412237291520)

→*A debate over disclosure and junkets between Michael ‘Good Beer Hunting’ Kiser and veteran US beer writer Andy Crouch got a little heated earlier in the week — ‘Stop being a dick (https://twitter.com/goodbeerhunting/status/625724601151008769).’ Mr Kiser’s somewhat defensive*follow-up blog post raised interesting questions around disclosure, especially on Twitter (http://goodbeerhunting.com/blog/2015/7/28/critical-drinking-lookatmyjunket):
Personally, I feel that using a company’s hashtag, in this case #BudweiserBarley, is clear and obvious to anyone. He [Crouch] disagrees, and I think the question is how can this be done better? The half-life of a Tweet disclosing a free ride doesn’t do much for an audience’s awareness later on, and really only serves to cover a journalist’s ass, giving them plausible deniability in the days that follow.
Our two penn’orth: if your presence at an event has been sponsored by a commercial concern, whether a hip startup or an EEEEEVIL corporation, you should probably make sure to acknowledge that somehow in, say, every fifth Tweet. (And then, of course, very clearly in any article or blog post that follows.)
→ And, finally, links to this were Tweeted at us by multiple people: a map of Britain and Ireland drawn using data about*the location of pubs (http://brilliantmaps.com/uk-ireland-pubs/), created by Ramiro Gómez (http://ramiro.org/). It’s interesting because… Well, is it? Perhaps if could be compared to a similar map for*1980*as mentioned in the accompanying notes it might tell us something. As it is, it’s just kind of pretty.
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