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28-07-2015, 19:52
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Obviously, I'm always on the lookout for ways to persuade people to buy our beer. There are a lot of breweries selling beer now, so being proactive is just about essential.

Ann was sending out an email list of beer availability to pubs and wholesalers every week. It's informative, but normally not particularly eye catching. She sends it out manually, populating the BCC field herself (copy and paste, I expect)

Yesterday I decided to have a look at MailChimp (http://mailchimp.com/). It produces nice output and emails to people as HTML formatted pages. I think it is handy, and has various features that are useful. If you've not tried it, and you send out emails manually like Ann was doing, then perhaps you should give it a look.

I think it would be handy to have a list of people, Hardknott fans, etc, that are not business, but might like to get emails from us from time-to-time. We could then send out handy information about what we are up to. Saves you all having to check this blog, or our less than frequently updated website.

If you'd like to go on our mailing list, you have to do something called a double-opt-in as the law prevents us sending out to people who we haven't previously had contact with.

So, if you'd like to take part, click on silly oversized button below to take you to the sign-up form.

http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-OYfQCffGu_s/VbfDLFepe0I/AAAAAAAACGQ/ooh266RiNpw/s320/HardknottSignupButton.tif (http://eepurl.com/but7cv)

You will have a tiny bit of typing to do, but it's not much. (http://eepurl.com/but7cv)
You can leave a silly name if you don't want us to know who you are. (http://eepurl.com/but7cv)
The important thing is get your email address correct! (http://eepurl.com/but7cv)
Then click the "Subscribe to list" button (http://eepurl.com/but7cv)

Did you do that? Good. Now, check your inbox, you should have an email from us. Click to confirm you are happy to go on our list and you are done. Sit back and wait for us to send stunningly informative, well presented news mails every time we think there is something of interest.

As an aside, one of the things MailChimp prides itself in is allowing genuine unsubscribe features. There is a theory out there that if you press the unsubscribe button in some spam you actually prove that the email address is active, and you just get spammed more. MailChimp does not allow this kind of monkey business.

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