View Full Version : Draft Houses/Toby Carveries (2)

27-07-2015, 19:24
I did think carefully about this before making the suggestions, but I am guided by the owners' own websites, publicity and references on other sites.

For example, there are two Draft Houses in SW11 and they have two different names in general use - Westbridge and Northcote - yet neither of these featured in the pub names previously used on the site and thus didn't appear in searches.

Similarly, some of the Toby Carvery updates I've suggested were to correct things that were plain wrong (or, at least, out of date). I've recently wasted time trying to find a couple I was looking for and also nearly suggested a number of outlets that it turned out were already on the site.

You could argue that the fuller pub names are unnecessary, but I think that the advantages are clearly there and I fail to see a downside...