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24-07-2015, 10:28
My name is Keith Colwill and I am owner of PubFC and subsequently, www.pubfc.com
I would like to introduce our company with a view to opening dialogue with regards to developing a working relationship with Breweries, pubs, clubs, hotels and Gymnasiums around the country.

The Parent company I represent is QC Leisure. We are family run and as you are probably aware, the company who took on BSKYB and won a landmark court case with regards Pay TV. I send this email as an opportunity to view our website to give you more information on the business, the lay of the land with regards to the law and how we can possibly work together in the future.

Please feel for any of your regional managers to contact me and I will endeavour to assist.

I look forward to your response

Keith Colwill



The landscape of pub football has changed a lot since the Karen Murphy/QC Leisure case years ago. Unfortunately for the publican they believe that their choices are limited simply to BSKYB, and trade papers seem very willing to give you lop sided facts.

The reality of the matter is this:

Content can be distributed. This has been proven in a court of law.
What cannot be shown is anything that infringes the Premiership logo, graphics or jingles – we agree!
At Pub FC we believe that you SHOULD NOT be showing anything of a copyrighted nature. This is where you could be fined heavily and rightfully so. That is why we have spent considerable time and research producing logo removal software that gives the end user that PEACE OF MIND that you can watch 380 games of the best league in the world whenever a game is on.

To have a static blurred image in the bottom right hand corner of the screen is NOT logo removal. There are many fly by night companies out there that say it’s YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to hide the Premiership’s copy written logos/jingles etc.

At Pub FC we say ‘Why take the chance?’

Our patented software will give you the opportunity to give your clientele all the sporting action you need but at a price you can afford.

Simply put, we are the best at what we do and the only affordable LEGAL choice out there.

04-08-2015, 16:29
25% logo removal is NOT logo removal
50% logo removal is NOT logo removal
99.9% logo removal NOT logo removal

In today's marketplace there are so many companies similar to PubFC but how many can actually offer you 100% logo removal?

We know PubFC can because our parent company (QC Leisure) was ahead of the curve when this technology was first introduced to the leisure solutions industry. We were the company that helped research and develop this technology. We stand by the judgement that if you infringe the copyright of the FAPL that a civil case against your establishment is imminent and so is a considerable fine. With that being said, why would you leave it to chance?

We have witnessed come "fly by night" companies who claim to have Logo Removal but having witnessed some of their alleged logo removal software in action, there was as much as 50% of content that could potentially jeopardise the owner of the establishments business as it blatantly did not work to 100% of its alleged capability.

As in all walks of life, you pay for what you get. If a company claims they can offer logo removal for next to nothing then you need to ask "how is this possible?" We know it cannot be and that's why we firmly believe that when you choose us then you choose a company that is trusted. You choose a company with a wealth of experience. You choose a company that offers you what you really need which is PEACE OF MIND.

Don't roll the dice and take a chance.
Choose the best.
Choose PubFC

06-08-2015, 12:19
Have you already had your fingers burned by "fly by night" companies that have poor streams that have been hacked or shut down?
Not able to provide 100% logo removal?

Why not give PubFC a trial using your existing IPTV box. We can migrate you over to our service so you can trial the service for £180 up front payment. We're that confident in our service that we know you will stay.

Go to www.pubfc.com for more information or email us at info@pubfc.com

10-08-2015, 15:07
It's the start of a new season!

This week saw the opening of the premier league and in typical fashion showcased why this league is the fastest, most entertaining and most watched football in the World. English football is the envy of most countries due to the pace, the skill and flow of how the game is played.

Our existing customer base enjoyed top flight action at a fraction of the price but with the added peace of mind of having our 100% Logo removal software in place. However the trade paper/magazines are more than happy to continue with scaremongering publicans/tenants/clubs and other members of the leisure industry to convince you that you are limited to two options which is ludicrous. Having said that they are hardly going to be objective when the two major players are paying them vast sums to advertise in their magazines and sponsor their annual awards. They are being paid to be anything but objective or be middle of the row. Some may even say that journalistic integrity could be sadly lacking.

Now we're in the business of calling a spade a spade. We prefer to be transparent. That way everyone knows exactly where they stand and therefore means there are no shocks in store in the immediate future. As we have mentioned before copyright infringement WILL result in a fine and a civil law suit. If you have a system in place that flouts the laws of copyright then the FAPL are well within their right to protect that imagery/jingle/logo so more fool you for going with a fly by night company that offer a cheap and nasty unlawful system.

PubFC & QC Leisure prefer to offer a product offers great quality content. Great customer service and more importantly a SAFE, SECURE & LEGAL solution that nobody else can truly provide. Of course there will be trade papers that will say otherwise. They are being paid considerable sums to turn the other cheek. Of course there will be "unprofessional" companies who will offer you a cheap service but ultimately an illegal service.

Simply put, we offer a viable, affordable and more importantly a LEGAL solution. This in turn gives you a chance to increase foot-fall, Increase sales, increase return custom and Increase revenue. We genuinely feel this is a no brainier. We know deep down that you do too. Contact us today and let's see what we can do for you.


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08-10-2015, 17:38

The transfer window has been and gone till Jan. there was a lot of movers and shakers that's for sure and that's why the English league is the best in the world. It's genuinely the envy of the world.

For the next two weeks we have the international breaks from the premier league. I'd say is this the right time to to reflect on if you have the right provider for football in your pubs but it seems you have beaten me to it!
You see we have been inundated with enquires due to people going to "cowboy" installers who promise you everything but give you very little in return. For example quite a few pubs in the North East have had a system installed which seemed to be running perfectly. Well until the 2nd half of the Newcastle game where Moto GP came on instead of the football. Imagine having a pub full of Newcastle fans that were enjoying the game and buying beer and food, fly out of your premises because they can't watch the 2nd half of their beloved club. Not only is it pretty embarrassing but it's killing the opportunity for you to maximise revenue.

Again these matters can be avoided. Now is the ideal time to say "enough is enough" and come over to a trusted company that has been around for over 15 years. It's time to give you quality, safe and affordable content. It's time for you to invest in "peace of mind" and we're certainly in a position to do that with our patented logo removal software.

Don't leave it to chance. Every time your system fails you is another time to lose your customers trust and in the leisure industry trust is everything.

Don't fail your customers,
Don't fail your business,
Don't fail yourself.

Go to to see how we can help your pub/club/bar/ establishment today!

08-10-2015, 17:42


Enjoying the games so far?

We are and I know our loyal customer base is too. Why wouldn't they be?

I mean they get to see all the games. Their customers get the opportunity to watch all the football they want but more importantly they have a system that is cost effective and trusted by a plethora of publicans, leisure groups, clubs, bars and many others establishments that need a great solution and PubFC offers exactly that.

Due to our accelerated national expansion we created an online presence so the aforementioned parties could be made aware of who PubFC are and what solutions we offer. I believe our website offers everything you need to know but it's come to our attention that people would like to see our product in action so with that being said, here is a brief clip showcasing how our patented logo removal technology in action.

As you can see any copyrighted materials that are owned by the FAPL are covered at all times. Before, during and after the game. Now there's a few who offer static logo removal. That's not enough unfortunately and if you are with a supplier that only offers that then the FAPL will have their day with you in court if you are caught infringing on their copyright.

As you can see from the clip if there are any highlights or any goals scored then the technology we use will cover ALL logos which leaves you with the peace of mind that you are in safe hands.

In closing anything less than the solution that we offer means you are open to solicitor fees and a heavy fine. We simply say "why leave it to chance"

Contact us for more information and how we can help your business grow.

Think safe

Think PubFC

11-10-2015, 15:48
were into the month of October and there has been some fantastic football played!

There has been some great games so far and some of the new players in each respective teams in the premiership are either hitting the floor running or still trying to find their feet in the best football league in the world today. Hope you are all enjoying it so far.

As you are probably well aware there are other companies that do what we do but they simply offer you the logo removal nor the consistency of the service that we offer. That's why we have been around for over 15 years and have an established foothold in the industry. That's the reason why we are trusted by leisure groups nationwide to give them a cost effective solution that is safe and easy to use. Most importantly what drives us is our customer service and it's something we personally take great pride in.

I make sure our phones are never off and were available to our customer base as much as possible. It's all well and good having the best products/ solutions around but if you don't have the people to service your customer base then you may as be another Mickey Mouse, fly by night company that's looking to make a quick few quid and have a customer over. When a customer comes over to PubFC, we want them to feel at ease, to have that peace of mind that they are being looked after and to know they will deliver the best we can. Things can go wrong and when they do you need someone there. That's why our customers remain loyal to PubFC and we remain committed to them in return.

In closing sustainability of business is based on trust. You cannot have trust with a short sighted bums on seats attitude to customers. You are not customers to PubFC. That's why we're in the business of developing long term relationships with our clients and not quick fixes. We hope to show you this when you take advantage of the solution we provide.

Please check our webpage and our pricing at www.pubfc.com and see why our company is the best at what we do.



27-10-2015, 14:35

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Who are PubFC


We have been providing solutions to bars, pubs and clubs for many years, delivering the best solution at the best possible price. You may have already heard of our parent company QC Leisure, who won a landmark case against The FAPL & BSKYB.

When it comes to providing affordable alternatives, we have a proven track record of being ahead of the curve and that’s why we’re already trusted by big names like The Malhotra Group, Tavistock, Tokyo Industries and the Apartment Group.

– We provide access to 380 Premier League football matches including 3pm kickoffs, as well as Boxing, Formula 1 and lots more

– We are the ONLY company in the UK to offer our patented 100% logo removal system

Not only do we offer affordable sports packages, we offer you that peace of mind!