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28-06-2015, 13:37
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I was having a conversation earlier in the week with one of Huddersfield's elder statesman and he recommended that I visited a pub not far from my home, which strangely seemed to have slipped under my radar. That was why I spent a pleasant lunchtime today in The Beck at Brighouse, (and lets face it, it delayed the shopping !).

Older readers may remember the place as the New Inn, on the left hand side of Bradford Rd coming towards Bailiffe Bridge, just past the police station. It closed for a while and was reopened under the umbrella of Partners brewery a couple of years ago but now it is free of tie and along with a sister pub in Drighlington is a great place to while away an hour or four.

It is a friendly. locals pub. No music, just a TV with the sound turned down, and the locals sat around the bar enjoying the craic. My sort of place. It has 6 real ales on offer. On my visit, a couple from Elland, a couple from Wentworth, and one each from Cotleigh and Stockport. I tried the latter two, and they were excellent, kept well, and very moreish. There are plenty of pump clips around the bar showing the large variety of beers that have been across the bar, and many of them, unusual for the area. And at £3 a pint for a 4% one they will not break the bank.

The Beck opens every Saturday and Sunday at midday, or at 4pm during the week, except 3pm on Fridays. So, if you find yourself on the A641 one day, and feeling a bit thirsty, give it a go. I will certainly be back, it would be rude not to.

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