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26-05-2015, 09:36
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http://boakandbailey.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/05/craft_beer_co_2014.jpgWe’re just back from a few days in London and, though we were mostly busy seeing family and friends, did find time for a couple of beers in pubs that we now realise we simply cannot resist.First, passing through Angel, Islington, even though we didn’t especially want a lunchtime drink, we*had to stop at the Craft Beer Co for a couple of halves.*There’s something about this particular branch of the chain that we especially like. It’s partly the guaranteed availability of at least one or two interesting beers among the vast range, but perhaps more so the combination of daylight, darkness, and a general sense of tranquillity. (Perhaps the management would like it to be less tranquil?)*The beer was expensive but nice glassware, friendly staff, tasters all round, proper beer mats, and other perks made it seem decent value. We confirmed that Magic Rock Salty Kiss (Gooseberry) is still a wonderful beer, and also that we still don’t quite get what others see in The Kernel, though a half of pale ale with Mosaic and Zeus was perfectly decent.
In Walthamstow the pub that pulled us in, even though we really ought to have been doing something else with that precious hour and a half, was the Nag’s Head. It’s not the best pub in London, and perhaps these days not even the best in E17, but it’s our old local, where we first drank Kriek and sank endless pints of mild and Timothy Taylor Landlord. Since the last time we visited, the range of beers on offer has improved again — fewer Caledonian seasonals, more from Essex — while*the cats-and-kitsch décor has intensified in strangeness. We sat in our old corner and drank Mighty Oak Marmalade Skies, a Beatles-themed pale ale at 4.7% which somehow reminded us of Batham’s Bitter — sweet but not sugary, and balanced as in*balanced,*rather than as a synonym for bland.
We’ll no doubt drift into the Nags next time we’re in town, too because, let’s face it,*we’re not under any pressure to be on top of the latest thing in London:*there are plenty of others on that beat (http://boakandbailey.com/2015/02/londoncentricity-blogs-around-britain/).
Are there pubs you can’t walk past? If so, what gives them that quality?
Main image taken at the Craft Beer Co, Islington, in June 2014.
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