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16-05-2015, 06:16
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Yesterday the East vs West Fest got underway at The Red Shed.
I've written about the festival - which continues today (Saturday) in Wakefield - at length before so I will keep this short and sweet.
Last night I was pleased to see a veritable who's who of local beer drinkers and some London based folk at Vicarage Street, which is just downhill from Wakefield Cathedral.
Work and other commitments meant my session was all too brief but that didn't spoil my experience one jot.
Far from it, this was - and I know I am biased as my friend Malcolm Bastow, from Five Towns Brewery, has organised it - one of the friendliest festivals I've been to for a while.
It reminded me very much in atmosphere and layout of festivals at The Navigation Tavern at Mirfield (who coincidentally have an upcoming festival from May 28 to May 31).
At The Red Shed there is a main bar area serving guest beers, while the festival is in an adjoining room. It's £5 entry to the festival which uses a beer ticket system. But you can pay cash for the wonderful pumpkin porter casserole!
I sampled four or five beers at East vs West Fest, where you can drink thirds.
My picks were Marble's Spring and North Riding's The Hunter's Dream - a strong mild.
I promised I'd keep this brief so please have a look at the pump clip video and picture from @Gingerbeerking.
They tells you all you need to know. For tasting notes please click: here (http://www.aswiftone.com/2015/05/here-is-beer-list-for-next-weekends.html)
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http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-SSmr_kXyhec/VVbZVS6y85I/AAAAAAAACA8/tQ0nvptS640/s320/GBK%2Bclip%2Bpic.jpg (http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-SSmr_kXyhec/VVbZVS6y85I/AAAAAAAACA8/tQ0nvptS640/s1600/GBK%2Bclip%2Bpic.jpg)

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