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06-05-2015, 20:54
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Here is the beer list for next weekend's East vs West Beer Fest in Wakefield.
The trans-pennine charity beer festival will be held at The Red Shed on Vicarage Street (down from the cathedral) on Friday May 15 and Saturday, May 16.
Session times are noon until 4pm and 5pm to midnight both days.
Pay on door, £5.
The festival will benefit teenage cancer charity Candlelighters and Newton Hill Cricket Club.

From the west:
Brewsmith, Nelson Sauvin Pale. Brewed with Nelson Sauvin hops, Pale, 4.2%.
Wilson potter, Don’t Fall. A lovely pale hoppy blonde, Blonde, 3.9%.
First Chop Brewing Arm, Syl. Black IPA, 4 malts unrefined Indian jiggery sugar. Massive quantities of hops, ground fenugreek. Intercontinental IPA, Black IPA, 6.2%
Tickety Brew, Rose Wheat Beer. Unique aroma of roses as you drink this beer. Balanced by a subtle kick of fresh Ginger, Wheat Beer, 4.5%.
Squawk, Pale Ale. A hoppy delight with Citra and Cluster hops. Dry hopped with Chinook, Pale, 4.5%.
Shindigger, IPA, A plethora of our favourite hops thrown in over a juicy malty backbone, IPA, 5.6%
Blackjack, New Deck, Golden Bitter, 4.2%.
Allgates, Shogi Porter. Brewed with Columbus, Chinook and loads of Sorachi, Porter.
Marble, Spring. Golden Best. 4.6%
Quantam, Thirst Class. Pale & interesting. Light & Hoppy American Pale Ale with Cascade &Nelson Sauvin hops, Pale. 3.4%

From the east:
Clark’s, Billy Ruffian. Stout. 4.5%
Sunbeam, Shepherd's Delight. American hopped infused with rose water, caramel nose and subtle flavour of Turkish Delight. Red Ale. 4.5%.
Rat, Rye Rat of the Caribbean, Red Rye. 4.5%
Atom, Schrodinger’s Cat. Full bodied low ABV hop bomb, 5 different malts with Chinook, citra, Columbus and mosaic hops, Blonde, 3.5%.
North Riding, TBA.
Blue Bee, Real. Sorachi hops. Pale. 4.7%.
Brown Cow, Yorkshire Sovereign. Pale, 4.4%.
Revolutions, The golden age of wireless, Mild, 4.5%.
Steel City, TBA.
Whippet Brewing Company, Brew Number One
Learn to Brew, TBA.
Five Towns Brewery, May Day. Fully loaded brew, with Citra, Mosaic, Nelson Sauvin, Chinook and Equinox hops, Double IPA. 8.4%.

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