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22-04-2015, 05:15
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By Bloke from Hull
After twelve years at the Chestnut Horse in Great Kelk, John Allen saw a business opportunity to good not to miss and decided to move to the Railway at Hunmanby. He took his renowned pies with him and appropriately renamed his new business “The Piebald Inn”. As the previous name suggests, the pub is located next to a railway crossing just a short walk from the local railway station on the Hull to Scarborough line.
I had visited the Chestnut Horse with my friend Peter and we had dined there. He had been wanting to take his son Ben to the “Pie Pub” for some time. Ben was recently back home on vacation from the USA and so, one recent afternoon we made the trip by train to see Jon at his new pub, try lovely beers and of course sample some of his legendary pies.
Arriving shortly after opening time we were greeted by barman Ben who provided us with some lovely real ales and a menu each. Jon soon appeared to explain all about the Piebald and the great potential it held and how he was going to realise that. The pub is a huge former Marstons affair with a lovely bar at the front and various large rooms to the rear. The aim is to not only have the restaurant that is now in use but to also develop the other rooms into various function rooms and to create a terrace.

http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-U2_t6jQ10vk/VTcqPJTAj3I/AAAAAAAAB88/GaBC-9irNss/s1600/100_3444.JPG (http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-U2_t6jQ10vk/VTcqPJTAj3I/AAAAAAAAB88/GaBC-9irNss/s1600/100_3444.JPG)
We chose our pies from the wide ranging menu and we were soon demolishing them eagerly. Great value! However, we declined the “Challenges” that were available. These are the “Dray Horse” and the “Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. The former is a monster pie with mountains of veg while the latter is made with the hottest chillies in the world. If you clear the plate of either and your meal is free. If you don’t you have to pay and make a generous donation to charity. Many have failed!
We indulged in a couple more pints of excellent real ale and engaged in more banter with Ben and Jon before setting of for the station feeling comfortably full.
The pub endeavours to cater for those having special dietary requirements – veggie, allergies and gluten free, so there is no reason for most people not to go along and give it a try. So, if you are on holiday in the Filey area or travelling between Scarborough and Bridlington or just fancy a different kind of meal experience then pay the Piebald a visit. When we go for the Yorkshire cricket at Scarborough we have decided to abandon all ideas about fish and chips and go for a pie.
Menus are available on line at www.thepiebaldinn.co.uk. (file:///C:/Users/User/Downloads/www.thepiebaldinn.co.uk.%20)
Contact e-mail: thepiebaldinnhunmanby@gmail.com (file:///C:/Users/User/Downloads/Pie%20Pub.doc#_top)
Tel: 01723 447577

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