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08-04-2015, 09:25
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Yes, I'm just about to head off to the USA again. I fly on Friday and almost immediately the fun begins.

Well, really the fun will start before I even get out of Schiphol. I always like to have a drink or two before being strip searched.

This is my schedule - a whirlwind tour of Houston, Birmingham, Atlanta and Asheville. Come along, chat, feed me beer, buy my book.

Saturday 11th of April 12:00 at:
Defalcos (http://www.defalcos.com/)
9223 Stella link Rd.
Houston, TX 77025

4 historic beers:

Whitbread X
1885 younger XP
1900 graetzer
1867 Barclay EL

Sunday 12th April 15:00
Cahaba Brewing Company (http://www.cahababrewing.com/)
2616 3rd Ave S,
Birmingham, Alabama 35233

6 beers on tap, me talking about historic brewing.

1855 Barclay Perkins EI Porter
1879 Younger No. 3
1933 Kidd AK
1914 Fullers AK
1924 Barclay Perkins RNS "Royal Navy" Stout
1952 Lees Best Mild
1955 Whitbread Double Brown Ale



Tuesday 14th April at 21:00
5 Seasons Westside (http://www.5seasonsbrewing.com/)
1000 Marietta St NW #204
Atlanta, GA 30318

1853 Younger XP

Wedesday 15th April at 18:00
venue not set

Friday April 17th at 18:30
Green Man Brewery (http://www.greenmanbrewery.com/)
23 Buxton Ave, Asheville.

Talk by me plus four historic beers in pins:

1860 Truman XXX
1910 Fuller's X
1950 Whitbread Best Mild
1840's East India Porter

Obviously, the point of the trip is to shift a few copies of my book:

http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-p-K4Nuzu9RU/UvJKCsXUszI/AAAAAAAAS98/6cnV5PBFerc/s1600/Vintage_Beer_cover_new.jpg (http://www.amazon.com/Home-Brewers-Guide-Vintage-Beer/dp/1592538827)

The Home Brewer's Guide to Vintage Beer (http://www.amazon.com/Home-Brewers-Guide-Vintage-Beer/dp/1592538827)

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