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28-03-2015, 07:26
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http://boakandbailey.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/breakfast_news_nuggets_mar_2015.jpgIt’s Saturday so here’s all the good beer-related reading from the blogoshire and beyond from the last week.→ For*Craft Beer & Brewing, Joe Stange gave five tips for brewing convincing Belgian beer (http://beerandbrewing.com/VMvilisAAKGj51nr/article/belgian-beer-youre-probably-doing-it-wrong):
Okay, so there are some credible American-made, Belgian-inspired beers out there—even a few great ones. Unfortunately, there are also a lot of silly ones: sweet, spiced, boozy, under-attenuated, under-hopped, under-carbonated…*Ready for some criticism and remarks?
→ The Brewery History Society has made available for free download (unfortunately only as a PDF) a 70 page history of the Anchor Brewery, Southwark (http://www.breweryhistory.com/journal/archive/145/index.html) — an early work by Professor Peter Mathias who would go on to write the heavyweight book*The Brewing Industry in England, 1700-1830.
→ For It’s Nice That,*advertising guru King Adz (Adam N. Stone) considered why ‘authenticity’ has become the Holy Grail in marketing and what it really means (http://www.itsnicethat.com/articles/opinion-king-adz-authenticity). (Slightly tangential but by no means irrelevant in consideration of ‘craft beer’ and how it is sold.)
→ Reuben Gray took made a necessarily vague stab at an exposé of the commercial jiggery-pokery used by bigger breweries to squeeze craft beer out of*bars in Ireland (http://www.taleofale.com/2015/03/big-bullys.html):
I’m hearing reports from brewers and some publicans that some of the big drinks companies in Ireland are solely targeting craft beer, all craft beer. They are offering 5 figure sums to pubs serving lots of craft beer to take it all out and replace it with their products and to even agree to keep out the craft for a year. They aren’t requesting the same of their larger rivals products for obvious reasons.
→ Writing for*The Verge, Elizabeth Loppato deliberately got steaming drunk so that she could test out a Las Vegas clinic run by a former anaesthesiologist that claims to offer an instant hangover cure (http://www.theverge.com/2015/3/25/7918015/hangover-cure-iv-drip-nausea-food-vegas)*for vacationers keen to avoid missing even one day of their expensive holiday:
I am asked to rate my symptoms — nausea, headache, anxiety, and overall hangover severity — on a scale from 1 to 10; the medics determine my hangover is severe enough to warrant the ‘Rapture Package,’ the most expensive one on the menu. I am hooked up to an oxygen tank, and an IV is inserted into my right arm, where I receive an anti-emetic (to keep me from vomiting), an anti-inflammatory (ibuprofen in IV form), and heartburn medication.
→ Chris Hall interviewed Paul Jones, the founder of Manchester’s Cloudwater Brew Co (http://chrishallbeer.com/2015/03/23/cloudwater-interview/), and made sure to ask questions about money.
→ Stan Hieronymus posts his links round-up on Monday mornings. Last week’s had a theme, Budweiser, and some interesting commentary (http://appellationbeer.com/blog/the-many-sides-of-the-budweiser-story/): ‘Telling a drinker a beer is special provides an invitation to go looking for those.’
→ Despite almost 40 years of CAMRA campaigning on its behalf mild continues to be an endangered style: Robinson’s 1892 has just bitten the dust (http://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/news/local-news/robinsons-axe-mild-beer-after-8926029), as reported by the*Manchester Evening News. (Via Beer Today (http://beertoday.co.uk/robinsons-pulls-the-plug-on-historic-mild-0315/).)
→ The photographs BrewDog used to promote their crowd-sourced beer project proved a little too easy to Photoshop:

I somewhat think #MashTag2015 (https://twitter.com/hashtag/MashTag2015?src=hash) 's special twists have jumped the shark a bit – #totallydidntjustphotoshopthat (https://twitter.com/hashtag/totallydidntjustphotoshopthat?src=hash) pic.twitter.com/SoohUwlti4 (http://t.co/SoohUwlti4)
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